20 Sept 2010

change of 2010 diary inserts

So, I've changed the 2010 inserts I am using. Previously, I was using the Week on Two pages but in the standard white colour. However, I've found the paper a bit too thin for my liking and due to my purchase of a Filofax from Filofax France (prices aren't bad with shipping to the UK), I dug out the inserts that came with them. They only supplied 2010 inserts (bit stingy if you ask me - would it have killed them to slip in some complimentary 2011 ones?!?!) but these 2010 inserts were of a format I had never seen before on the UK site.

They were of the cotton cream variety (I already purchased 2011's inserts in cotton cream due to my love of the colour so these ones would go well with everything else in my filo) and were also of the week on two pages. The 'week' box where anything general could be written down was instead in the lower right page, as opposed to the upper left in the english version and what really got me was the fact that each day was LINED!! The only downside is, of course, that the inserts are in french - but that's ok. It means I'm putting my A grade in GCSE French to good use :) (unfortunately, back in the day, my french speaking was dismal, bringing my overall grade down). Next to the lines are numbers, numbers which, I presume, represent the hours in the day from 8am through to 7pm but I just write over them as the hour by hour is unnecessary for someone like me.

Needless to say, I am now in love with these inserts and just wish that I'd known of their existance before I bought my 2011 inserts (also in cotton cream, but not lined). If they are still around in mid 2011, I may just have to put in another order with Filofax France for my 2012 inserts! Unless, I change to the Moleskine one colour per month... Something which I was soooo tempted by earlier this year!


  1. Hi
    Glad you like the French inserts from Filofax.

    They are very similar to the Quo Vadis Timer series of inserts. I have some of these for my Pocket Filofax, you might have read the post on Philofaxy.

    The format with the times seems to be very popular, I find it excellent for my appointments planner. I also have some QV A5 format planner inserts as well, although they require re-punching to fit a Filofax. But the QV 14 and 17 series fit Filofax Pocket and Personal exactly.

    You can buy the QV inserts in UK, but mail order only. I just get them from my local stationary store here in France.

  2. Ooh I did indeed see your post about the QV inserts. It's not a brand I am familiar with, however, so I will make sure I check them out.

    I'm not really after a format with times on it as I don't make use of the times. It's more the lines that I find handy as I find they are the perfect rule - not too narrow and not too wide. Wish Filofax UK did a cotton cream week on 2 pages, lined :( Think they do it with the normal white paper but that paper is too thin for my liking.

  3. Filofax Germany does the 2WPP lined in white AND cotton cream. Their shipping costs are rather high IMO, but you could look up the ref.numbers on filofax.de and then search for them on Amazon.de where you can often find very good deals (or at least lower shipping costs). The pages are lined btw, but have no times.