29 Sept 2010

the finsbury: an outsider or the ultimate insider?

The Finsbury is the cheapest leather Filofax, which isn't a bad thing. In fact, that was the reason why my first Filofax was a Finsbury! I wanted leather but didn't want to splash out on something I may not love; but I needn't have worried. I fell in love as soon as the package arrived from John Lewis...

Because the Finsbury is the cheapest leather filofax, does this make it an outsider or the insider? Let's consider this...

It could be an outsider due to it's lower price point in comparison to other leather filofaxes, for instance the Malden (which I LOVE), the Eton and the Adelphi. Therefore, it is an outsider trying to find its way in - sort of like a desperado wannabe. However, it could also be considered an insider due to the fact that it offers pretty much the same, and possibly a bit more than other more premium filofaxes. Firstly, it is leather, which is always a bonus in my eyes, and then there is the fact that it is priced lower than other leather filos. It also comes in a variety colours - something which other filos do not. In this sense, the Finsbury has a bit of a fun factor.

Consequently, the Finsbury is a mixed character. It can be seen as someone desperate, like that leech of the telly, Piers Morgan (a so called tv personality I despise) or it can be seen as someone who has all the features of being premium, but also has a bit more to offer than their said superiors.


  1. The Finsbury is a great binder. However, having a textile interior makes it slightly subject to more wear and tear compared to the more all leather binders such as the Malden and the Finchley.

    Having said that I have a 5-6 year old A5 Finsbury and it's showing no sign of any wear and tear in that area.

    I think the Finsbury range offers great value for money and it's exterior will put up with good deal of use.

  2. Have to agree with everything you've said! My Raspberry Finsbury served me well but I've decided to give it to my mum to use as a passwords book (for various logins on the countless websites we have to sign up to nowadays, i.e. amazon, ebay).

  3. Got a pink personal but haven't quite decided how to use it as yet.
    It is so pretty. Basically I just wanted a pink planner! But I got it for a good price :-)

  4. I think the Finsbury is also a great fashion item. If it shows to much signs of wear, just swap it for a new one in yet another fancy colour.
    I have the A5 Finsbury in pink. Since it's my work filo, always sitting on my desk and never being carried around, I doubt that it will wear at all. My Mini Finsbury however, is my Wallet/Diary on the go. The edges loose some colour, but I actually love that! The leather is very durable, and doesn't even show scratches despite sometimes rough handling. I love that the leather is so smooth (unlike the stiffer leather of the Classic). The zipper (also used intensively and on a daily basis) works as well as on the first day.
    IMO: great value for a very good price!

  5. P.S. I can't open your picture ...:(

  6. Yeah, for some reason, the picture just isn't working. Will go fix it now (or after making and having dinner!).

    I have to admit, I do love the Finsbury. Because of the price, it can be bashed around with little to no guilt :) However, I've found the leather on mine to be quite stiff which means it does not sit on my table fully open :( This is a big no-no in my eyes as I like my Filos to open flat so I gave it to my mum rather than make it redundant.

  7. I lovelovelove my pocket Finsbury! I could never afford a more expensive filo so for me Finsbury offers the perfect compromise of price and quality