11 Sept 2010

heavy use of the filofax

Lately, I've found that I've been using my filofax a lot more than usual; even more than during courseworks and essays. I move into my new accomodation for commencement of my second year at uni in about two and a half weeks time (second year doesn't start til October, mind you) and there is a lot of prepare.

Firstly, I need to organise lists of what I need to move down first as my mum and I will be taking the train down to London as she detests driving in London. This means I am limited to two suitcases worth of stuff so I have to plan wisely. Then, I need to write lists of what I need to buy when I get there, from food to essentials and homewares. Thankfully, making lists seems to be a new hobby of mine as I seem to find it fun?!?! Tell me I'm not the only one out there who has this same overwhelming feeling of happiness when writing things down in the list format??

Secondly, I need to arrange amenities such as the phone line and broadband internet. I am, as of yet, undecided about whether or not to go ahead and install a BT line because I'm not sure if the line has already been connected and that all that is required is a change of name... however, I can find this out if I schedule a time and day to phone BT! Of course, I will write this down in my filofax. Also, with internet, I am sharing with three other people so we would need certain features to the package but as of yet, we haven't decided on one... Not good as time is running out! But with my Filofax, I can jot down important information I have found by speaking to customer services and researching on the internet.

Oh yeah, I've changed the inserts I'm using for 2010, but more on that in another post!

Lastly, with regards to the heavy use of the filo: I've had to write down things I need due to a change of circumstances. Having lived in halls of residence last year, I have a pretty good idea of what things I need and what things I don't need. But also, I have a new laptop due to the breakdown of my last one and so will need a new laptop bag. I gave my old one (which still looks new, might I add) to my sister as she has a 15 inch laptop (as was my previous one) but now, I own a 13 inch so the bag ended up being too big. Plus, I need to buy a new hairdryer because my sister has taken the current one we own; which is fine with me because I am a member of quite a few survey sites and have saved enough vouchers to buy one for free!

But all in all, if it weren't for my filofax, I wouldn't be able to have planned everything in advance and stay as calm as I am now. It also lets me see which days I have free and what things I may have missed out.

I love Filofax :)


  1. Another great post. I have used you as inspiration and started my own blog, including posting my adelphi pics. Also you mentioned wanting to do medicine. Please feel free to email me any questions. Take care

  2. How did I miss this post... Google Alert not doing it's stuff...

    Great post.