16 Oct 2010

what pen to use for my lectures?

With my second year of uni starting a few days ago, I feel now would be a good time to do a post on pens! I am, though I dislike admitting it, very much obsessed with this writing instrument. Fountain pens, gel pens, rollerballs, biros... I love them all. However, my utmost favourite at the moment are either the Uniball eye pens or the standard Muji 0.5mm gel pens.

Last year, I usually used a blue Papermate biro, a Uniball eye (in blue) or a Muji 0.5mm gel pen in a deep blue shade. This year, I will probably resort to the same pens but I was wondering if any of you readers out there had a recommendation for a good pen to use? In lectures, I need a pen that will, if capped, be able to sit uncapped for around ten minutes but still write as well as it would do if in full flow, if I decide to use it after period of leaving it to 'dry'? This is where I find the Uniball eye pens appealing as they can sit for a while, uncapped, but still write smoothly when required. The papermate biros are okay if I have to write non-stop (which I did have to for a few lectures) but took a time to get going if I took a pause from using it. The Muji pens are just the same as the Uniball eye pens in terms of quality.

So, any suggestions? Please also let me know if your suggestion is a cheap one as being a student, I would like to save as many pennies as possible! (The ones I currently use aren't cheap either so any suggestions put forward would be greatly appreciated :) )


  1. Hey!
    Glad to see your starting your second year, as I am too!
    I can most definitely recommend Edding 55 pens which are good for writing, also the uni ball eye's are also good. Personally I am fountain pen obsessed and use my mont blanc 149 most of the time, although i do use the pens mentioned above for quick notes and lectures. take a look at

    its a fantastic website with so many pens, at great prices too!

    oh and fantastic blog! I am a new follower and absolutely love it!

    All the best


  2. Hey there, thanks for your suggestion :] I will definitely take a look as I really need a 'lecture' pen. I'm not overly fond of using fountain pen due to the smudging issue, and the fact my handwriting is messy when I use them.