25 Nov 2010

a month til christmas!

Because it is now exactly a month til Christmas (to the date, not the day - did I get that right?), I am allowed to mention the C word now, right? Yippee.

For me, Christmas means time off from school/university and is also time to relax and be away from the hustle and bustle of London for a few weeks (though, this may not be true come Christmas of 2011). I like the cold weather as I like layering clothes; I like the feeling of cuddling up in bed with a hot mug of something, be it hot chocolate, a cup of my favourite green tea or whatever and then just sitting there, either chilling (yes, I just used the word chilling), reading or even browsing the internet on my laptop. (I know the latter is a fire hazard but I have a bedsite table, you know!)

So, how have you guys been planning Christmas with the aid of your filofaxes? This year, I think I'll be hitting Winter Wonderland again one night with my friends (like I did last year, except this year, we are a bit further away. We walked there and back from the halls of residence last year!) and I hope it will be just as eventful and funny. It really was a good night last year. It was even snowing that night! Was literally, the perfect winter wonderland.

Any plans for you all this year? Anything exciting that you are doing? (So I can nick your ideas of course.)

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