22 Feb 2011

cath kidston diaries!

Am I the only one wishing Cath Kidston did Filofax inserts?!

I never knew Cath Kidston did diaries until I decided to Google it one day (randomly, too!). Up popped several images...

The front cover looks adorable...

...and the inside also looks adorable. However, my only worry is that the spaces to write in for each day are not big enough for me. I'm not trying to come across as a busy bee, two of those days equals one for me in my current set up (my Filofax of course).

So, something I'd like to see on sale at Filofax would be some Cath Kidston diary refill inserts, please! Personal size would be much preferred also! What kind of inserts would you like to see?


  1. have you seen the kate spade refills?

    i think they've a similar kind of feel as the cath kidston designs and i'm sure i've heard they fit filofax rings (nb. i've never actually tried them so not positive)

    personally i still really want to design my own inserts.. but i don't have a paper chopper and printing out to pocket pages would take me forever to figure out. i am getting more and more tempted towards a5 purely for the ease of self-design.

  2. i know what you mean. a lot of those types of planners from japan and korea are just so endearing but they simply do not have enough room for me to do anything with but drool.

  3. I would import those immediatelly.
    Cath Kidstone <3

  4. Alannarama - Oooh I haven't seen those Kate Spade ones before! But they do look pretty cool! However, I'm always a bit wary of buying things from the US due to the import taxes (?) and all the other ridiculous taxes the UK like to charge on goods from outside of the EU. But I will try and see if I can find a retailer in the UK who sells them as it's always nice to try out different inserts.

    Colie - And yes! With my parents from Hong Kong, I always find these neat planners from Japan and Korea in stationary shops. But when I open them, I get disappointed as the spaces for each day are so small, or the layout is just not well thought out!

    Tate - Me too! I wish Cath Kidston inserts actually existed!!

  5. I LOVE Cath Kidston. I would be there if they made filofax refills! Definitely!