3 Mar 2011

so, which one was a lie?

Trick question as there were four lies! This is the part where I reveal which one is actually true!

So, here are the five:
  1. I was selected for the U17s England netball team but chose not to go as it was too far from home!
  2. I have Chinese regal blood in me.
  3. My father is good friends to Jackie Chan and once had dinner with him.
  4. I once shared a twelve hour flight to Hong Kong with the England cricket team.
  5. My parents once bought so much Sunny Delight when we were younger, that my sister turned orange after drinking too much.
I'll go through each of them in a random order; just to keep you readers guessing!

So, number four. It's true, I do fly back and forth to Hong Kong and the London every year or so, and as much as I wish this one was true; it's not. However, I have once shared a flight to Hong Kong with Marco Fu - the Hong Kong snooker player.

Number one. Afraid this one is also a porky. I did represent my county and was put forward for the East Midland regional trials but declined this offer which meant that even if I had the potential to play for England, I wouldn't be able to as I declined the chance to attend the regional trials.

Next, number five. Although there was a phase where my dad was obsessed with Sunny Delight (heaven knows why), my sister and I never overdosed on it (per se) so no need to call Social Services if you were halfway through dialing their number. We only ever had it in moderation even so and only when it was on offer too! (We are the typical frugal Chinese family.)

This leaves number two and number three. Both seem improbable, yes? Let's have a reminder of these two.

Number two: I have Chinese regal blood in me. And number three: My father is good friends with Jackie Chan and once had dinner with him.

I'm a massive fan of Jackie Chan - and of his early films in particular. Project A and Project A II are two of my favourite films, ever. And it is true, my father has had dinner with him (two years ago now if memory serves correct); however, he isn't good friends with him unfortunately. This one was a red herring in that it was a half lie and half truth. Sneaky, huh? That's me, Sneaky is my middle name! Well, unfortunately, that's not true and moving on...

Yes, number two is the real one. My mum's side is the regal side. One of my great grandfathers (I'm not sure how many 'great's, but I'm sure it isn't more than three) was royalty but when the Communist regime powered into control, he and his brother lost all their riches - propelling my mum's side to live in poverty until this generation. Sad story, but true, I'm afraid. So Caribbean Princess may be Princess by name, but I am a princess by blood ;) (Sorry, corny line there and a slightly boastful one for which I am ashamed!).

So there you have it. You learnt something new about me! (So you can't say that you didn't learn something new today...even if it was from an egocentric blog post!)


  1. Oh Paper Rush that is quite sad to know :-( but it is nice to know a true princess.
    I got the truth wrong! It is awesome that your dad had dinner with Jackie Chan! I hope he was nice. What was the occasion?

  2. Hey CP, not sure I can be called a true princess! Maybe by a proportion of my blood but I don't think I am that regal!

    Basically, my dad is friends with someone in the film industry and Jackie Chan randomly popped by so they ended up sitting at the same dinner table one night. Needless to say, I was gutted to hear that my dad did not get me his autograph!