10 Apr 2011

when a format no longer works for you

I'm saying that because I've now switched to a Moleskine for 2011. For me, the week on two pages for my Filo wasn't enough space. I wanted to record daily outfits that I had worn, plus when TV shows would be on the internet for me to watch and also what to have for lunch and dinner that day. I'm one of those who like to make my own lunch to save a few pennies - and plus, it means I can eat what I want too, rather than having to choose between the restricted options at university.

So, I took the plunge and bought this Moleskine - which I don't regret as it was in the sale. There is a page for each day of 2011, and there are even spaces for the weather and temperature! Also, sometimes, I like to stick things into my diary - such as a train ticket for a trip I took which had awesome memories or as shown in my previous post, perfume samples.

So all I can say is; when a format no longer works for you, don't be afraid to take the plunge and try a new one. Yes you may waste a few british pounds / US dollars / money on splashing out on a new format, but after you've found the perfect one, you'll stick with it for many years to come*, AND, you'll experience better organisation. I'm already warming to my Moleskine layout (after debating with myself if the day per page was a bit excessive for someone like me) but I can see it working far better for me than the week on two pages ever did. My next aim is to try the day per page for my Filofax, maybe in 2012?

*Disclaimer: I know this is true as the number of diaries and planners I went through before I purchased a Filofax, and then this Moleskine said it all. Now that I've experienced the Filofax and the Moleskine ways, I know that these two will probably be the two that I will flit between in the future!


  1. After so many disappointments with filofax customer service (actually lack thereof) and with the bulkiness of the binder, I also decided to switch to moleskine for the rest of 2011. I couldn't find a page a day model for 2011 at any of the office supply stores, so I got a lined pocket one and made my own page per day for the rest of the year (I cheated and let Sats./Suns. share a page each week so I could get through the rest of the year in one book.) I decorated it with stickers and drawings and I'm LOVING how much I can write when compared with week on two pages. It's so tiny and cute! I decorated it up with my favorite stickers and sayings and am delighted with the result. I was even able to switch to a smaller bag (BIG BONUS!).

  2. I'm actually really liking my Moleskine too and am deciding between whether to use a Moleskine for 2012 or Filofax inserts. My heart is currently leaning towards Moleskines for the same reason as you - the space and the fact that it is less bulky! I also like the idea of making your own, I might give that a try myself too!

  3. I've gotta say that making my own was mainly so easy because I already had the filofax pages. Without directly looking at a good calendar, I know I'd have messed up on my labeling of pages or missed noting a holiday or daylight savings time change date, etc. I still can't believe I am not missing all those other pages from filo that I thought I needed but never actually looked at.