10 Jun 2011

summer goal

With less than a month to go before my last exam, I'm eagerly planning summer in the hope of making myself find the motivation to study hard for these exams. (Trust me, it's distracting - Hyde Park within a short stroll, the summer sun, Knightsbridge nearby too, High Street Kensington also nearby... I'm spoilt for choice for a place to hangout with my friends.)

Anyway, one of these goals is to get back into making 'graphics' or I prefer to call them 'graphic collages' as that's essentially what I do.

This is one I made last summer:

And I was quite proud of it as I think it was the second one I made after three years away from making any! I started using Photoshop when I was 14, so I've been using it for a grand total of just over 6 years now.

If you're interested, feel free to give me Deviant Art Gallery a browse - but I will be having a clean up of my portfolio in a few weeks time as I feel a lot of the work on there doesn't reflect my current style!

Have you got a creative side to you? It could be scrapbooking (which I love! Wish I could do it!), photography, painting, sketching... you name it. If you have Deviantart, please feel free to link me to yours as I find other creative people really quite inspiring!


  1. Hiya (I've been following you on blogger for a few days) - what is your DeviantArt address? :]

    Mine is: http://adamskiphoto.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/ please bare in mind that the stuff on their was basically me teaching myself to take photos, so most of it is rubbish, but I'm proud of some of the stuff on there :]

    I very much have a creative side; I play drums, teach myself piano, and absolutely love photography! It's a shame that I seem to be neglecting these things during my A levels :/

    Cool post :]

  2. Heya,

    My deviantart is on the 'Contact' page of this site if you're interested (unwantedcouture is the username :) ) and most of my stuff on there is from a year ago or more now. Will take a look at yours after posting this comment :)

    And it's good to have a creative side! From looking at your blogger profile, I can see that you're also a scientist and I think it's most important for people focussing on science to also remember that having a creative side isn't bad. A lot of my peers at uni seem to think that 'arts' are lower than 'us' (us being science students) which actually is not true. A healthy balance of both is needed; at least, that's what I think. Anyway, I'd better stop before I keep going on and on about the science vs arts debate. I may even post about it in the coming week :)

    Thanks for your comments btw!