21 Aug 2011

filofax spot! (ish)

I was reading this month's Marie Claire and look what I found!

Not found what I mean yet? Here is a close up...

Now you know why the post title is the way it is!

Sorry about the picture quality - I was too lazy to head downstairs to scan the page so instead took a picture from my digital camera. Readers who also read Caribbean Princess' blog will notice that the page title is 'What's Inside Their Mulberrys?' - maybe CP will do one in the near future? (hint hint)


  1. lol I am on sick leave this week but when I am back out to work next week I shall pack my lovely oak baywater and take pics of the contents just for you :-)

  2. I am buying this copy tomorrow!!! Is it this months or last months?? I have to have it, will look lovely in me alexa hehe :-D and i do want to see whats in CP Bays hehe :-D enjoyed the post!

  3. CP - ooh, yay! I'm excited about that post already :D it means I can start mentally planning about what will go into my future Mulberry ;)

    Imy - it's this month's :) The one with Anne Hathaway on the front and has a free pot of Ciate nail varnish.

    I'm so jealous of both of you with your Mulberry bags and all!

  4. I now have 3 things in common with Cat Deeley. Birmingham, English but lived in the States and we both use Filofaxes.... need to work on the cashmere scarf now!!!!