4 Aug 2011

happiness project update #1

So, it's been about a month since I started my happiness project (credit to Gretchen Rubin and her book of course); and I think it has been quite successful. I'm determined to keep up a 'One Sentence Journal' for a whole year and here is a snippet for you all to peruse at your own leisure. If you wish to of course.

I've skipped out one day where there was something more private but other than that, I have blanked out the usual 'sensitive' information :) This journal also lets you see just how simple I am too! Clearly, for me, the little things make me happy...for the majority of things anyway! Let's leave it at that... Moving on swiftly.

These are my 'Daily Do's' for August. Note the 'Get dressed everyday' 'do'. This is because when it comes to university holidays, I have a tendency to be a bit lazy. I don't change out of my PJs unless I'm leaving the house for whatever reason and as a result, I spent quite a number of days in PJs during Easter and Christmas hols this year due to exam revision! To make up for that, I'm going to get changed every day and actually make an effort. Thus far, I have found that this has had a positive effect on the beginning of the day as it actually brightens my mood a little!

You may also notice the 'Goal a day'. Examples of which are below in a badly designed collage! I have planned my goals in advance and they can be small or big. For example, 'bake' as in bake a cake or cupcakes or whatever else I wish and 'watch The King's Speech' because I bought three DVDs a few weeks ago and have once watched one so far! For some reason (even though it's the summer hols and I'm free as a bird), I've not had the time to watch the other two!

So, this the first update of my 'Happiness Project'. I'm not sure if it's working yet as this is my first official full month doing it but we'll see! Hopefully these daily goals will spruce up daily life and make things more bearable for my friends who I keep moaning to about being bored (living in the countryside has its definite cons even if the 'views' (of fields, might I add) may be 'nice'.


  1. It is the simple things in life that make us happy. I have days where I write down, yummy meal that DH cooked! ;-) Look forward to reading more about it!

  2. Tell me about it! Simple is good, which is why I'm aiming for a year as a minimalist. Hopefully it'll discourage clutter and encourage simplicity.

  3. This is a really cool project! Just wanted to say, I JUST found your new blog after months of thinking you just decided to quit blogging... Imagine my devastation :'(