23 Aug 2011

matching... to the extreme?

This free nail polish came with my copy of this month's Marie Claire.

And I've been looking for a 'nude' nail colour for ages now - nude enough that there is enough colour but not too dark a pinky nude. This is how it looked on my nail:

But more importantly, the nail colour matched with this...

This totally makes me want to start using my Vintage Rose Finchley again! And cos my nails match my Filofax so well, it might mean that I'll have to invest in a coral coloured Filo to go with my other nail varnish shades!


  1. ahhhhh oh my goodness it is perfect!

  2. WOW I am going to try and buy this magazine for my train trip next weekend :-D YAY Paint my nails on the way ;-) x

  3. I know, isn't it just perfect! The lighting wasn't very good but I promise that it matched very well.

    And Imy, it's a definite steal - but I had to literally dig through ten copies of the magazine to find this colour as the rest had the dark purply/berry colour instead.

  4. oh you should! Vintage Rose is lovely.