25 Mar 2012

brightening things up...

Been having some trouble recently just by feeling seriously fatigued. Luckily, I have about two months to do my dissertation so hopefully things will be looking up quite soon!

So to brighten my desk up, I bought this:

Prepare for my review of my current Filofax: The Affair by Temperley by London for Filofax. I'm going to review how it has survived a month of solid use and a month of being thrown roughly into my handbag and stuff. 


  1. I love that mug. I'm looking forward to your Filofax review, and I'm so happy you've been posting again.

  2. The mug is adorable! Can't wait for your review and hope everything's going well!

  3. Very cute mug. Two months will pass quickly and then you can rest a bit :-) looking forward to your Filofax review!

  4. It's sooo cute! Where did you buy it? :)