4 Mar 2012

the set up of an affair


So, you guessed it! I decided to keep the Filofax. But I'm going to be selling my other ones (most of them anyway) so keep your eyes peeled for a 'For Sale' page on here - coming soon (in a few week's time as most of my other Filo's are at home and term doesn't end til the 23rd.

Therefore, this blog post is about the set up of it.

Firstly, the Flex notebook on the left. I've ordered a 'normal' one from City Organiser as I can't bear to use the Alice Temperley one (as you can't buy it unless you buy the actual Filofax! Until Filofax release it as a product which can be bought, I may just save it for a special project or something instead). It's not arrived yet so you won't see it in the picture below.

I've also left the yoga card there. Then there are my National Insurance card, vouchers, a Paul's bakery card and a membership card for a local casino (I only go on special occassions, mind you, so don't judge!).

At the bottom of the left hand side is an embossed bit of leather that says 'Temperley London for Filofax' and under that are the words 'The Affair'.

On the left, the first tab says 'Projects'. In fact, this is just a tab for my stuff in my halls (as I'm a hall senior so there will be events to keep in check, etc). I also write in stuff to do with my Final Year Project and Dissertation under this tab too. I love the gold lettering on the tab.

Next is the tube and train map that came with the Filofax. Handy as I'm in London for most of the year and on reverse...

... is the National Express train line map. Handy for when I travel home as my route is on there so I can see other places I could potentially visit on my way home if I ever wanted.

Next is my Diary. Again, I've opted to use the Temperley tab.

This is what the year planner sheet looks like. I love the vegetables and fruit illustrations - displaying what's in season in that particular month. Over my next holiday, I'm going to colour these in (as my colouring pencils are at home).

Then there is a sheet which shows the Chinese zodiac years...

...and also the astrology signs on reverse.

Then the diary pages. The ruler has post it notes on - one with a shopping list for Chinatown, one with which tv shows are available for me to watch on which days and finally, a shopping list for stuff I can buy from a supermarket. I also keep a spare post it for other things.

And the coming week...

And the most important week of the year so far...

...and the most important day...

Next tab: Notes.

Here, I have a to-do list of restaurants to visit, films to see, books to read, etc. On the left is a post it of things which interest me or things I may want to check out and below that is a list of classic items I aspire to own. I've written down the Mulberry Bayswater but I actually prefer the Alexa or Tilly now.

And the restaurants... I'm slowly adding to this list as I hear friends recommend restaurants to me. These four are listed as I have vouchers for them so I'll need to go anyway.

Then blog ideas... Blog post ideas I may think of on the train, blog design, etc. Talking of design, my blog is definitely due a re-design of the layout and header. Stay tuned for that.

And on the back - in the card holder, I've put a picture of me holding my cousin from a few years back when I was in Hong Kong. It's one of my favourite photos and it cheers me up instantly everytime I see it.

So, this is my Affair. I hope you've enjoyed this tour although I'm sure a few more tweaks or hacks may be coming its way as I'm still getting used to the smaller rings and the larger size of the actual Filofax but I still love it and the pink satin as soon as I open it along with the lace outer... I'm officially in love!


  1. I literally couldn't like without my filofax! It is the only thing that keeps me organised :P

    1. Me neither! And especially now that I have this beauty of a Filofax :-) Which filofax do you have? x

  2. WOW I so love the affiar without the large notepad!!! it looks so beautiful amd your amazing handwriting :-D

    I love your filofax posts there always so pretty :-D


    1. I'm waiting for my Flex notebooks to arrive - I ordered the smaller ones cos the big one would be too large to lug around with me on campus and stuff :-)

      Are you going to get the Guinea?? I am honestly in love with this as it's so different to a normal Filofax!


  3. Sigh, so so pretty (and I totally get not wanting to use the notebook) really fab post makes me want one even more seeing how you've set it up


    1. Hehe, you should get one ;-) Such an enabler I know but it's so beautiful and I love it. I never thought I'd love another Filo as much as my Vintage Rose Finchley but I do... I feel like I'm cheating on it haha, but this one is so beautiful that I'm sure my Finchley understands! x

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE .. and love your hand writing! What type of pen is that?

    1. Heya, I use several pens:

      Muji gel 0.5mm, Uniball Signo Gel 0.7mm and a Pentel Energel 0.7mm :-) x

  5. Thanks for this post, it's great! I love all the pictures you take. This Filo is a beauty, could you please let us know how the lace handles being in a purse all day? It's my main concern... Also, i can't wait to see the Filos you'll sell! I need a new one, bad!
    Thanks again, love your blog!

    1. Sorry for such a late, lat reply! I find that it handles being thrown around quite well. The lace is glued on very well and I've not experienced any problems and that's with it thrown in my bag with my keys, etc :)

  6. Love this post - such a gorgeous Filofax, and I always love seeing how other people have theirs set up!
    Will admit to being envious of your superneat handwriting - mine has a tendency to be more of a scrawl!!

  7. Oh, such a beauty - sigh...
    Thank you so much for your pictures and the informations about it!!!
    I´m also curious about how the surface will stand the test in daily usage.