6 Apr 2012

march review!

Here are the things I couldn't have lived without in March 2012:

1. Of course, what else would be number 1?? My Temperley for Filofax; The Affair! I'm simply in love with this Filofax and I still am after a month and a bit - and this has never happened before with a Filofax. With my Vintage Rose Finchley, I fell in and out of love with it but with The Affair, I just can't help but stare at it sometimes.

2. The colour pink! From coral to baby pink to blush tones, I just can't get enough of it. 

I bought the top on the left recently 

3. My Taste Card

I ate out once a week this month and the discount that comes with this card was so worth it. Because my last exam for this degree (ever! Well, that's if I passed...!) was on the 28th of February, I caught up with friends in March and to do this, we went out to eat.

4. A Simple LBD

For those who don't know, LBD = little black dress. Over the course of March, I had a few formal events and whenever I found myself having to get ready in a rush or in a panic over what to wear, I always went back to this dress from Zara. Add a flashy necklace and a jazzy cocktail ring and I'm set for the evening!

What were the things you couldn't live without in March?


  1. Lovely post and gorgeous blog! Love your filofax, it's stunning! xoxo

    1. Thank you! I love my Filofax too hehe x