2 Apr 2012

one month check in with The Affair

Due to the high (and some may say extortionate) price point of The Affair, I have decided to do a post where I 'check in' on it after a month of solid use.

Before I do so, let me give you an idea of how I have always treated my Filofaxes!

I mindlessly throw it into my handbag before I head into university every day because I'm always in a rush when it comes to leaving - just to ensure I arrive to lectures/tutorials/labs on time. I also put it in with a bottle of water, food, pens, etc. I do surface clean it from time to time but it's not uncommon for me to see a pen mark or something on a Filofax within a few months of use.

Anyway, here is the update.

The lace has held up well (apologies for the colouring, my phone camera is a bit rubbish):

None of the lace has come off and it is all still stuck on the leather underneath it. The patent piping has also held up well and none of the stitching has come off!

This is how thick my Affair looks like - I put in a smaller Flex notebook as at the moment, I don't have a requirement for the big one. It makes the weight more manageable and also works better for me too. As you can see from the rings, I have literally packed the Filofax with inserts. I will be putting it on a diet soon though as I don't really use all the notepaper due to the Flex notebook.

The clasp still looks and feels as good as new. 

The inside still looks as good as new too! And here is a closer look at the pink satin...

What I love about it is that although the pink satin may not seem as attractive to some people, I like it as a good surface clean with warm water is enough to rid it of stains and just to clean it.

Moreover, the lace has surprised me with how well it is glued on and overall, I am more in love with The Affair than ever! Although it was a high price to pay for a Filofax, I can actually see myself using this for years and years to come and I have had so many compliments about it too!

As a result, look out for sales of my other Filofaxes as I need to raise some money for next year; as hopefully, I will be embarking on a medicine degree at King's College London. I need to pay for the tuition and living expenses myself though as I don't get a student loan for it. My offer is on the condition that I graduate with a 2.1 this summer - which I am on course to do - so fingers crossed!


  1. I loved this update I am glad it is still looking amazing :-)

    It makes me want to invest in one sooo much :( x

  2. Must resist.... not buying a Temperley.... so hard when seeing a post that says it is fabulous *sigh*

    1. Hehe I guess I'm doing my fair share of enabling with posts like these :) though it is lovely, it might not be to everyone's taste so def try and see one in real life before buying :) x

  3. I absolutely loved my Affair but unfortunately it had to go back as it had some 'Friday model' faults and Filofax were amazing and told me to choose any other to replace it for free. I did choose another design but still wish I'd been given another Affair. You have to be aware that it cannot hold many inserts if that is important to you. Their customer service was just so brilliant. I took lots of photos of it and will have to enjoy both looking at those and following your lovely posts here to get my fix!