30 May 2012

domino deep pink review

Due to this too-good-to-pass-up post, I couldn't resist purchasing two Filofaxes from Filofax UK. Because of the sad demise of my Affair, I could justify getting a further two (along with the Malden I had purchased previously too... but I'm not in love with it though it makes a lovely storage binder). Here is the first one. A personal Domino in deep pink.

The colour is wonderfully vibrant:

The inside. I like the slight diagonal thing going on the inside.

It came with the 2012 and 2013 WO2P diary, but not in the cotton cream unfortunately...

Doesn't quite lie flat but with some 'training' (i.e. the use of very heavy Biochemistry textbooks - hey, at least they came in handy even if I haven't opened them in three years!), it now lies flat after training it for a few weeks!

I also like how the pen holder is elasticated and further up as opposed to slap bang in the middle.

A closer look at the card slots - just look at that glorious pink poking through! *swoon*

And the back. I like the slanted flap for receipts, etc.

Love the colour, don't like the fact it's not leather (but at least, I won't be so worried if I were to spill anything on its exterior) and don't like the fact it does not lie flat out of the plastic wrapping it came in (no slip box or black box unfortunately).


The Domino is a cheap and cheerful Filofax - which is part of its appeal, in my opinion as it is aimed as more of an entry level Filofax for people who want to chop and change from time to time and for people who see it as more of a fashion accessory. I love its range of colours and am even looking at the Violet colour now too!

Overall, 7/10 for me. Price is great and it is cheap and cheerful! Though I do miss the smell of leather and the ability to lie flat out of the box so it loses 3 marks for that reason (but it does lie flat after a bit of training).

Next up? The other Filofax I purchased in this order...


  1. My domino always opened flat, odd. I really love the Domino, although I think the Domino Italia was a superior design, with the short elastic closure, easier than wrapping elastic around the entire binder. I also love the elastic pen loop and placement higher in the binder, plus the nice rigid covers which make the binder very easy to write in without a surface.

  2. Really lovely colour! I like the Domino, but it does mark easily unfortunately. I have an old aqua pocket one that's been battered to death, as well as a violet pocket and personal and a lavender mini.

  3. that is so weird, I have that exact same Filofax (my fist one actually) and it lay flat out of the box. Very strange yours doesn't. I am glad you like it overall :)