22 Jul 2012

my filofax week #14

This was my week. Again, not really any structure (this will be quite a common theme for the next month or so) but here it is. 

Just like the previous few weeks, I've tried to jazz it up by adding colour, stickers and other stuff that wouldn't look out of place in a journal instead.

How has your week been? Would you like to be featured? If so, drop me an email at fadingskylines [@] gmail.com and I'd be more than happy to feature your week. After all, I love peeking into other people's Filofax weeks, and I'm sure my readers would love to see someone else's too!



    my diary would look like its dead next to yours.


    1. Aww thank you :) I do spend a bit too much time just organising my time and days! x

  2. I'm getting so fed up with the cotton cream inserts' tendency to bleed (ok, it's probably more like "absorbing too much ink", but ah well). The colorful pens you are using, are they all Muji gel pens? I think I have to change from black/blue ink with highlighters to that in that case. I can't keep on writing stuff just to go over it with a white-out marker on the other side of the page just seconds later. Although I do need very visible color-coding. >.<;