9 Aug 2012

a peek into my journal

To be quite honest, I don't 'journal' in the traditional sense; nor do I do it often at all. But I still thought it would be interesting for those of you that do, to see a few pages from someone who isn't as dedicated to it!

Basically, all I do is stick in bits that remind me of good things. So here we go:

Top left: Two Wimbledon ground pass tickets. To remind me of the day my boyfriend and I went; as it was a good day!

Bottom left: a lucky red packet from my parents for Chinese New Year. As you can see, the order in which I stick things in is completely random!

Middle: A Harrods Laduree receipt - for, what else? Macarons! And surprisingly, they appear to be gluten-free as I've never had a reaction to them.

Top right: A Laduree leaflet that comes with their macarons.

Middle right: my boyfriend's business card - why not?

Bottom right: My ticket to the Harry Potter studio tour - cos it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Maybe it was cos I grew up with it but I honestly thought that it was great. Not worth the ticket price though, but I enjoyed the experience all the same.

So, no washi tape, no stickers and no fancy writing or coloured pens to be seen.

How do you journal?


  1. I keep thing like that in my filofax. I just punch tickets or so and put them inside.

    1. Ahh I collect a lot from things that I do each day so if I did that, my Filofax would be too thick! :) It also makes journaling easier! But then again, I've always found tickets and receipts more visually appealing than loads of writing? :) x

  2. Hey Angela what type Pf notebook are you using for your journal?

    1. Hiya, I'm just using a random 200 page notebook I got when I was 14! The paper is really good though (probs about 120gsm?!) and I got it from a shop called 'The Works'. I went in yesterday and they don't seem to have anything similar though... However, I recommend getting one with a spiral (like rings instead of glue to hold the book together) especially if you're going to be sticking things in - like I have done - cos mine has expanded so much, the back cover is coming off!

      Sorry I can't be of much help x

  3. Thanks for the peek into your journal. I love the idea of an ephemera-only record. I've tried to do similar things (however, in chronological order and with a small caption), but I always end up taking very long "pauses," during which time I misplace some of the bits and pieces or I lose track of when I did what. I like how your journal solves that problem altogether by not being chronological.

    About a year ago, I started a 5 year journal in a personal-sized Filofax. I've been inserting ephemera primarily by punching holes and popping things onto the rings. I'm not yet through the first year and I've already had to expand into two Filofaxes. I'm afraid that the full 5 years might require 10 Filofaxes! I considered collecting fewer items, but it's so pleasing to have these bits to look back on. I suppose it's a good excuse to purchase more Filos?

    1. Ohh I like the idea of a Filofax as my journal and punching things in instead! But then, I'd have to keep buying them and as we know, this can get addictive ;) x