9 Sept 2012

my filofax week #21

Not the most interesting of weeks again, I'm afraid! Things should have more structure from next week onwards though so here's hoping my future weeks are also more exciting too.

I had three days where there was structure (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) due to pre-arranged things, interviews and appointments. However, the other days were just full of to-do lists! I wrote out a packing list for the day I was going to London.

I made more use of washi tape this week - I cut one thicker washi tape in 'half' but with a wavy pattern (seen on Wednesday) and used that to decorate one of the days; the other was used to decorate another day in a previous week. And thinner washi tape was utilised to highlight the important things of the week; which, this week mainly involved eBay. I'm trying to sell a lot of clothes which I do not wear/want anymore so that I can buy a graduation outfit! 

Also, I will be selling some of my Filofax organisers which have never been used (other than for the purpose of storing extra inserts) or rarely used so look out for that.

How was your week? Would you like to be featured? If so, drop me an email at paperlovestoryblog [@] gmail.com :)