16 Sept 2012

your filofax week: jessi's #22

This Sunday, I am featuring the week of @quellajesska - a lovely, lovely girl on Twitter. She understands our love of stationery and she's just so friendly. Though she doesn't have a blog, this post was so well written that I think she should start one ;) I am not one to peer pressure though!

Anyway, here is her post and her week! Thank you so much, Jessi, for sending your week in :)


So, this is my Personal sized Slate Domino - from where this week’s Filofax week comes.  (Thanks for giving me this opportunity, Angela!) (Also, really sorry for the horrible pictures - my camera cable is lost in the bomb site that is my room, so I’ve had to use my phone’s camera and then email the pictures to myself)

Before we go any further, I should probably warn you that I lack Angela’s artistic skills with washi tape (and, actually, even more distressingly, I lack washi tape itself - really need to resolve this next pay day) and beautiful handwriting.  I also graduated from Warwick this year, and have spent this summer working and not doing all the admin stuff I should be doing in preparation for my Masters, so my weeks are basically increasingly urgent glorified to-do lists. 

Anyway, this is my week.  I use week on two pages cotton cream inserts.  I’ve repurposed the document wallet that came with my Filofax (I have no idea if it ships as standard - I got a very good deal from Viking) to use it as a diary place marker and I’ve printed off lots of my favourite Bible verses that I cycle around.  I really need to laminate and then punch them, but I own neither a laminator or a Filofax punch.  So, yeah, that’s my DIY bodge job.    And, so, because of this, my week is in two pictures.

I really need to pay my fees for my MA (damn you, lack of student loan) but since my parents are contributing part I need their bank details, so ‘PAY FEES!!!’ has been scribbled on every week for the past month.  You probably can’t tell, but I marked in pink trips to my boyfriend’s house.  The past few weeks have been a bit rough, and I really need reminders like these to cheer myself up at the moment.  And 11th September was my friend’s birthday, so the blue was a reminder to send him a text.  And then on the right hand side is my favourite Bible verse (and pretty apt at the moment) written in English (I found the image somewhere on line) and then my messy scrawl in Italian underneath.  I’m not bilingual by birth, but I did my undergraduate in Italian so it holds a very special place in my heart.

The second half of the week holds lots of scribbles about when my Mum is working.  She‘s a nurse with two jobs and since my Dad works away a lot, I often have to do the school run so I write it in so I don’t double book myself!  I’m also ridiculously forgetful, so everything I need to buy has to be detailed, or else, quite simply, it doesn’t get bought.  You can also just about see that L is going to Sheffield on Saturday - my baby sister is flying the nest! - hence the good luck card earlier in the week.
As you can see, I have quite big, scrawly handwriting, and even though I would have loved a larger sized Filofax, I couldn’t justify the extra expense.  So, I was originally planning to cram everything - life and MA - into here.  But, then, about a week ago, this arrived from my new university.

A planner, exactly like the ones I used to use at school.  And it’s also a fair bit bigger than my beloved Filofax, but still small enough for my bag. 

I’m wary of spreading my life over two systems, but at the same time I think it could work - there are so many birthdays in my family, and I’ve always got some appointment or other.... not to mention that I envisage having a LOT of work to do this year, that maybe Filofax for my life, and planner for MA work could work.  Thoughts?

So, yeah, that’s me, really - thanks for having me. :)
I don’t have a blog, but I’m an aspiring adaptive rower and general chatterbox and lover of all things stationery, so if this appeals follow me @quellajesska


So there you have it :) Apologies for the picture quality - we are onto this matter to try and get higher quality ones sometime this week :) Thanks again to Jessi for sending this in. 

Personally, I love peeking into other people's Filofax weeks - it's intriguing to see how different systems work for different people. 

Would you like to show off your Filofax week one day? It doesn't have to be next week and you don't need to write a certain number of words - a few is fine. Let me know either on Twitter @paperlovestory or via email paperlovestoryblog [@] gmail.com

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