14 Oct 2012

filofax week #26

Halfway through my first year of 'my filofax week' (though it also featured readers' weeks too!). Time flies? It felt like yesterday that I decided to do this - purely because I'd not seen it anywhere else and I thought others would also be interested in this feature :)

Today, I will compare this week with the very first week that I started this feature.

This week:

My very first featured week:

So much has changed since then. My days have less structure now, I don't make as many lists because I haven't needed to (living at home can have its perks!) and I've stopped with those bubbles - something which I am going to start again I think as you can see by this week compared to last week. I'm also more reliant on sticky notes and other spare sheets I can stick directly onto my diary. And, I am now using a Slimline Deco as opposed to the Affair. Though I do miss the gold rings of the Affair and the pink fabric interior. 

Another obvious change is the heightened use of washi tape. Instead of using colours to highlight things, I have used washi tape.

How has your week been? Would you like to be featured? If so, email me! paperlovestoryblog [@] gmail.com :)