18 Oct 2012

osterley filofax set up: part II!

So, here's part II! Part I is here if you haven't read it yet. The reason as to why I've split the set up into three posts is because I've taken an extraordinary amount of pictures - but I always think that pictures help illustrate a set up much better than text does.

Now, what comes after the resolutions page? Well, there is a tab. Blank as of now, but that might change if it doesn't move for the next few months!

It's my blog planning! I've marked this with a Martha Stewart x Avery x Staples tab at the top as you can see. I love those bad boys.

So, a blog post idea checklist. Any random ideas that come up on a tube ride or commute? It goes in here. I try to think of original things to blog about and to come up with new content is hard! However, when you do get a lightbulb idea, you end up with a smile that no one can wipe off (like my Filofax Week series - something I'd not seen on the internet when I did it and something I'd like to think is associated with Paper Lovestory just as people associate 'Web Finds' and 'Free for All' with Philofaxy :) ).

Then custom made inserts for detailed blog post planning. Title, main points, pictures, scheduled for and done spaces.

This was more for last year and with it being blank, you can see how successful this page was. I have used a Rilakkuma page marker (top left of the right page) and isn't it adorable? I always forget the duck's name but he's just as cute as Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma in my eyes.

Then an outfit planner. Blank as of the moment as, lately, I've not been in a rush to get dressed in the morning.

And a drawing my sister did ages ago - it's so cute!

And another tab... On the left is sensitive info such as addresses, passport numbers, etc.

And the Temperley for London x Filofax year planner. I coloured it in to make it a bit more interesting.

My personal information - most of which has been pixelated for obvious reasons! This page is invaluable though cos I've referred to it so many times of late. It holds passwords for sites I regularly visit (and so can't be bothered to go to my 'me binder' for) and also my NHS number, National Insurance number, etc.

Graze box codes on the left and more sensitive info on the right. More addresses and more passwords and usernames!

A sticky note with a list of book sites (other than Amazon) and my 'to iron' list. On the right, the binders I have at the moment and what they are storing or what they are used for. However, a lot of the inserts have since been moved out as I'm selling quite a few of the binders on that list so I need to update this record.

Another list and a post it of writing a CV. A few sheets of lined cotton cream paper on the right.

And to conclude... the start of my diary pages!

Part III, and the final part, coming in the next few days. I apologise for taking so many pictures, but like I said before, it's the best way of showing you guys how it is set up, and, I, for one, prefer to see pictures in blog posts than text anyway! I know it's bad but I rarely read posts if they are full of text. I prefer at least a 60:40 split between text:images (but the more images, the better, for me!).


  1. Please never apologize for 'too many' pictures. That's my favorite part about your blog posts :)

    1. I'm such a lazy writer that I put loads of pictures in. Glad you like that though hehe x

  2. Wow, I just found your blog and wow! So organised! I have always loved Filofaxes, I think I am inspired to go out and finally buy one! (Or maybe put one on the christmas list...)
    Wow! And lovely blog :)

    Have a great day!
    Heidi at www.louiesmummy.blogspot.com

    1. Aww thank you! :) Do let me know which one you opt for if you do get one :D x