22 Oct 2012

osterley filofax set up: part III!

And here is the final part! If you read part I and part II, my hat goes off to you guys. The sheer amount of pictures in those posts must've meant that your bandwidth took a hit!

Let's move on swiftly so more pictures can be seen.

The end of the year and the beginning of the next is marked with another blank tab. I have marked the last day of the year with a quote, and have noted that it's a 'new year, new beginning' - maybe a little too optimistically ;) This was inspired by eunyroe over on Flickr (I copied her design with the quote thing and also the 'happy new year' in bubble writing. I take no credit for this!!!).

I have diary inserts until May 2012 in my Filofax cos I find the rings a bit annoying if the Filofax isn't at least filled to it's minimum capacity of 23mm (to coincide with the ring mechanism size!). On the right is also a list of my weekly schedule.

Next, my book section. Books to read, books read, ratings, etc. At first, I decided to use the Filofax to-do sheets...

But later resorted to my own homemade ones. They aren't so pretty though so I'm going to re-design them once I finish these. These inserts are also ideal for my book challenge.

And another version of my homemade book tracker inserts. They are quite faint in this picture but they were made in Photoshop. I didn't optimise it for 95mm x 171mm paper so everything came out pixelated! A project to try on another day I guess.

Then a section full of to do/to read/to buy lists - before I made my own book tracker inserts, etc.

Finance tracker...

Survey record and if the payment has come through yet.

And those old-diary-but-oh-so-cute inserts again. I still can't bear to write on them. I guess it's only a matter of time before these are removed from my Filofax as I just can't bear to write any old rubbish on them!

Then a section for my '101 things in 1001 days' list.

A list of 'great dates' that I printed out for future reference ;) some of these are also fun to do with friends.

Another pocket, but this time with pictures of me as a baby and my parents. My dad is on this side, along with a drawing of a duck by my sister.

And another drawing by my sister but of a bear this time, and my mum and I in the house I first lived in (until the age of 5!). I don't tend to use the card slots in my Filofax but the slip pocket under houses some money off coupons and plasters!

Unfortunately, this is all I could fit into my Filofax so no part 4! I can tell that you're either breathing a sigh of relief or a groan of disappointment ;)

Hope you enjoyed it! Maybe my set-up will change again next year/when I next have a major change.

How has your Filofax evolved over the past year or so?


  1. If you don't mind me a asking.. Where do you take these surveys you speak of?

    1. I'm not 100% sure if I'm allowed to broadcast it but here is a list (this is where I first started when I began doing surveys): Money Saving Expert

      Hope this helps! x

  2. So pretty and functional. I started to be more diligent with my Books List myself. Am thinking of dedicating a filo to books. (:

    1. Thank you! I don't think I read quite enough to have a book Filofax but it would be cool to document each book read :) x

  3. I just happened to stumble upon your blog and I love! your Filo! Makes me wish mine looked that organized >_<

    1. Hehe, never too late to get organised now :-) thank you for the kind comment! x