7 Nov 2012

dressing like my deco/osterley

I've wanted to write this post for AGES now, though 'write' may not be the right word! This post is more a picture-based one (yes I know, most of my posts are picture based) and I hope you enjoy reading/seeing this as much as I had fun making it.

After all the talk about Filofax heading in a 'fashionable' direction; with the word 'fashionable' thrown around in irony and sarcasm more than in a positive way, I thought I'd do a post where the word is used seriously. At least, I tried to!

I opted to dress like my Filofax. This is easier said than done! I don't own anything purple and reptile print so this was the first hurdle to battle. I do have one or two garments that are purple and for now, this will have to do.

Currently, I am using both side by side and with both being purple, this made things a bit easier. I dug out this dress from NW3 by Hobbs and I think the wine colour goes better with my Osterley than the Deco...

... don't you think?

Next issue is the reptile print. The only thing I have is this bag, also by NW3 by Hobbs:

But it isn't anywhere near purple! This is a dilemma and a half. Accepting defeat, I slipped on this bracelet from ASOS:

Enough to take an attacker's eyes out - is the feistiness of this bracelet comparable to that of
reptile print?

After this, I gave up being fashionable, slipped on some comfy black flats, grabbed my trusty leather shoulder bag, shrugged on a warm coat and left the house to run my daily errands.

Dressing like my Filofax was hard because I don't own any proper purple-coloured items in my wardrobe and I came to realise that fashion and Filofax don't mix if you want to use it as an accessory to finish an outfit off! Something, Filofax should've noted when opting to collaborate with Temperley London.


  1. That Osterley is just gorgeous! *drool*

    1. Hehe it really is a gorgeous plum colour when the sunlight hits it :) x

  2. I have your Osterley's twin sitting next to me as I type. She almost purrs :)

    1. Hehe, compact or personal? She does have an air of sophistication, doesn't she :) x