11 Nov 2012

my filofax week #30

Today is Remembrance Sunday here in the UK so at 11am, I will stop everything I am doing and observe two minutes of silence to remember those who are the real heroes. Forget pop stars, movie stars, sports stars who are labelled heroes; the true heroes are those who put their lives on the line for the country and those who put the future of others ahead of their own. I think the word 'hero' is bandied about all to easily these days and, personally, I only ever reserve it for those who truly deserve it, such as those remembered by days like today.

Living in a county where there are RAF (Royal Air Force) bases dotted all over the place, these heroes are never far from my mind.

I feel like this week, my Filofax week is a bit of a trivial post, so I won't comment on it (apart from to say that the hearts countdown was an idea I stole from Imy - she suggested I do a countdown to the day after my operation, as I really am quite scared for it!).

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday (and weekend!) :)


  1. Unfortunately I missed the silent two minutes as I got to bed late (Skype with the boyfriend until 3am?!) and woke up at noon :( Still paid my respects however. I too think the term 'hero' is passed around a lot these days and gets mixed up with the word 'role-model', not saying a hero could not obtain both roles (say a hero is also your role model :)). I think a few artists are my role models, but I don't think I'd go to the extreme of calling them 'heroes'. It's a strange topic, I'm currently training to be a Samaritan helpline volunteer and the idea that I could possibly make someones day better or support them enough so they don't take the decision to take their life could be seen as a 'brave' or a 'heroic' thing to do, but the idea of myself being a heroic figure is so strange! I freak out if I see a spider! :P

    Lovely week btw :) sorry for the wall of text D: I'm going to steal the countdown idea as well, it looks so cute hehe :) xx

    1. The Samaritans was something I looked at doing when I was younger (read: 18 haha) but the nearest centre was a 12 mile drive away and I just couldn't afford the potential petrol costs. It is a very respectable thing to do though :)

      Role-model is definitely a better 'word' (is it a word when it's hyphenated?) to use for sports/movie/pop stars. Good luck with your Samaritans training! And I'm with you on the spider front. I'm more scared of spiders than anything else in the world - something my mum doesn't understand haha x

    2. It's a life-chanigng thing to do, and in my experience it is quite hard (emotionally and mentally) but I would recommend it to everyone :) & Thankyou! xx