6 Nov 2012

stationery spot (I watch too much TV)

Please don't judge me for watching so much TV! I do admit that I am a bit of a TV junkie (particularly American TV dramas and Hong Kong TV dramas) but this allows me to write this post - so, recognise ;)

First up - Revenge. This was last week (I think?) and instead of checking out the awesome view (look at where the sea meets the sky!), I was focussed on the table. What's that? It looks a lot like my Slimline Deco but I don't think it is as it just looks like a bog-standard bound notebook.

Next up, a TV drama from Hong Kong; it's English name is 'Moonlight Resonance'. I actually watched this a few years ago, but re-watching it a few days ago lead me to this gem! Look what the girl on the right is holding!

And woahhh, rings in the middle? Could it be...?

Yet another screencap of the diary.

From this picture, I deduced that it has six rings, with the layout being similar to the personal sized Filofax.

The inserts look undated though, so they are definitely not Filofax ones. Bit weird to have undated inserts though, as you can't really use it for any year with the days of the week already printed on (as you can see above). 


  1. Hm, I initially thought the filo to be a orange coloured Sketch model? Can't be sure, the inside appears to have a darker colour scheme than what's on the front :O Nice find though :)

    1. I don't think it's the Filofax brand because it's not that big in HK. It's probably a Japanese brand or something as that's more common there :) x

  2. The pages do look undated (the girl has written in "7" and "8" as the dates in the pages above, so they could be used for any year. I quite like the look of them!

    1. I love how minimalistic they are :) I'm quite intrigued by them too so will definitely have a look out for them next time I'm in HK! x