26 Nov 2012

using two filofax binders at the same time

With my Slimline in use as my daily diary, I have to do some syncing from time to time. This is because my Slimline only holds a few months' of inserts and if I am out but have to note a date beyond these few months, I have to transfer that ont the appropriate date. Any diary refills that won't fit into my Slimline are stored in my personal Filofax and so, you can see why there is a need for 'syncing' my life from time to time.

For instance, I had to write in when to transfer my savings from one bank account to another (because my interest rate plummets after a year) as my Slimline only holds six months' worth of inserts.

Moreover, I use my Compact as a blog planning binder (more on this once my set-up as been tweaked to perfection), the personal as a spare diary sheet holder and my Slimline as my diary. Although it may seem cumbersome to use three binders at a time, the different sizes mean that I'm essentially only using 49mms worth of inserts. And my blog binder stays at home all the time, as does my personal one.

Having all these binders in use simultaneously requires a degree of organisation but I find the sacrifice I make in terms of time spent syncing them means that I carry less around with me = my shoulders breathe a sigh of relief :)


  1. I do exactly the same! Although this week I moved into my compact from my slimline, just so I can fit more of next year's diary pages in and turn them over on the rings easier. But I'm missing my slimline already so I don't think it will be long before I move back to the same system you use! Think I just wanted a change really.

    1. I like the concept of a compact but that extra weight (however minimal) is a bit too much for me :( this is why my Slimline works so well for me. I know what you mean about a change. I'm seriously considering moving to another organiser altogether, but from either Smythson or Aspinal of London. Currently undecided and I'd have to sell my current Filofax organisers before I could get one of those! Hmm, dilemma! x