3 Dec 2012

compact osterley: blog planner

With my Slimline in use as my daily diary, I didn't really know what to do with the Compact Osterley in my possession. So, I decided to set it up as my blog planning binder for the time being. Surprisingly, I've managed to fill it - surprising because I know a lot of you out there only have a section dedicated to it in your binders/planners :) 

Here is the tour (more pictures than text, once again!):

At the front, the 365 'One Line A Day' prompts from Tami Taylor:

Then a section with notepaper. For random notes and whatever else...

A monthly planner I use for recording when blog posts are scheduled for:

A 'blog post ideas' insert section:

A more thorough blog post planning section (and an eBay insert on the left!):

Now, a section where there are different coloured inserts. Imy sent me these :) The green section is dedicated to custom inserts I want to make:

Blue notepaper is for planning a new blog layout, as and when I feel like it:

Orange is for a secret project ;)

Red is for another secret project ;)

More notepaper...

And then a random section where lists reside. The first list is my '101 things in 1,001 days' list:

A 'bucket list' on the left and a '30 before 30' list on the right.

I am happy keeping this binder as my blog planner for the time being until I find a better use for it :)


  1. I envy your organisation... I haven't finished (started) my Christmas shopping yet and you have blog ideas for July '13!

    I did confuse your bucket and 30 before 30 lists, though - I was like, "That's a bit young to be a grandma!" :D

    1. Hehe, I've already finished my Christmas shopping too! I actually finished it before December even began haha.

      Lol! Yeah, there is some overlap with those lists, but I think that's a good thing as if I had too many things on my to-do lists, I would never accomplish all of them x

  2. I really like looking through your posts. I'm tempted to buy a bigger Filofax and use it in a similar way to you. Such cute custom inserts too, I might print some of them off :)

    Danielle xx


    1. A notebook can also be used for something like this, but I really like how I can move inserts around as and when they need to be moved :) x