21 Dec 2012

Sukie travel journal

A few months ago, all of the focus was on the Midori Traveller's Notebooks. I won't be migrating (just yet!) but I do have a travel journal from Sukie. I've had it since I was 15 (I think?) and back then, I had no idea what to do with it. It wasn't until I was 18 that a month-long holiday in Hong Kong inspired me to use it. That summer, I kept it as my daily journal - what I did, what I wore, what I ate, what happened in Hong Kong and in the world that day, what I was feeling (i.e. missing home, not missing home, etc), etc. I honestly love this Travel Journal and I wish I was going on holiday again just so I could use it! However, as I am on a 'mini-gap-year' at the moment, I have used it as my journal. I've recorded the same types of things (what I wore, ate, felt, did) as well as planned events for 2013 (Chinese New Year hotpot, anyone?).

This post is obviously meaningless without pictures, so here they are.

The front cover is very worn - but it has flown to Hong Kong with me and back! And I have had it since 2005 (I think? Or it might be 2006, or 2007 - I can't remember!).

Inside, there is plain paper and also lined paper:

Brown envelopes for slipping in momentos. I have used some for putting in tickets, interesting newspaper clippings and other stuff to remind me of the holiday.

And also clear pockets. In this one, there is a ticket for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. That summer, I saw it in Hong Kong and I kept the ticket:

Squared paper too!

And the back cover:

A closer look at the brand name:

On the website, prices for a Travel Journal is listed as £10.50 but I think I bought mine for £10. This isn't much of a price increase considering how many years it has been since I bought it. All of the paper used is recycled and although this means the quality isn't great, it is sufficient for a travel journal. I have stuck in all sorts of momentos and as a result, the thickness of the notebook has increased for me, and because I stick in things, the poorer paper quality isn't such an issue.

Personally, I love the retro/vintage feel of this journal but I don't think I would buy one again. It costs more than the average journal and the paper quality isn't the best. I know it is more eco-friendly than other journals out there but for me, the price and quality of the paper are the two biggest deterrents when it comes to these Sukie travel journals.

{ photos updated 27.09.15 }

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