11 Jan 2013

a closer look at the aspinal of london organiser inserts

Just a warning: there are 26 pictures in this post! Also, apologies for the blurriness of some of the pictures - they were taken in low light.

If you haven't read my previous post about this organiser, then please do so here. It will explain why I only had this in my possession for a short few hours and why I did not get a replacement.

The first picture shows the top tabs.

And because I forgot to show this in my previous post, this is the packaging the organiser came in:

The first page is card and looks quite luxurious.

The inserts are actually Eurotime ones:

There is a personal info sheet (it is actually card!) and calendars for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

A yearly planner, but with 6 months to view.

Holidays, and then, onto the diary.

The diary insert layout is a WO2P one. I love the lines and the minimalistic design of them.

Important dates to note for the year after (such a good idea!):

A notes page and also tabbed telephone numbers inserts.

To-do sheets:

Sheets for appointments:

Address sheets:

Project sheets:


More inserts where you can write notes:

Graph paper:

Expenses inserts:

Important dates inserts on the 'diary' tab:

The addresses tab which also has international dialling codes and whatnot:

Memo tab (don't you just love the dotted pattern of the tab):

Planner tab:

A view of the side tabs:

A world map that was included:

Clear plastic wallets/pockets (with some hole reinforcers and label stickers):

Another clear plastic wallet:

And that's it! Sorry about this mammoth post and the lack of text. I could have split this post into two but I didn't see a point due to the fact that no explanations were required for each of the pictures.

I hope you enjoyed a closer look at the inserts included with an Aspinal organiser. They appear to be from a company called Eurotime, I think it is? They definitely aren't Aspinal brand ones and the paper quality will be explored further in a post in a few days' time.

I am bitterly disappointed with what happened with my order and I would have loved for the replacement to have arrived as promised, and in a perfect condition, but it was just not to be. I think the amount of inserts you get along with the organiser is fantastic too, so that is another win to Aspinal of London.


  1. These inserts look really cool! I love all the different things that you get.

    1. I know, right? I like how minimalistic the inserts are and that they are on ivory coloured paper too (love ivory paper!) x

  2. Those look cool! Are they A5 sized? I am most surprised and disappointed by the fact that the Sundays on the WO2P only has 2 lines!!!

    1. Nope, they are personal sized. Aspinal call it 'Compact A5' size though. I agree with you about the Sundays, two lines?! Kind of discriminatory, right? :) x

  3. Why do I want to get up close with this organiser with my ruler?!! It doesn't look like A5 to me, more like Personal. What is the page size? And what is the hole spacing between the rings?


  4. Ah they call it a compact A5 but it is in fact Personal size in Filofax terms for the page size.


    1. I see you've solved the mystery yourself ;) I was perplexed by this too for the weeks leading up to this order but after inspecting the 'compact A5' inserts they do, I realised that they were personal sized - they had maps for sale that had the 'Filofax' logo on them! x

  5. Hi Angela,
    Binder looks great.. but we already talked about this on Twitter. The inserts are lovely!! What's the paper size? It seems to be compatible with FF paper size..

    1. The paper size is equivalent to the Filofax personal paper size :) x

  6. I have the Aspinal executive organiser and absolutely love it. Unfortunately Aspinal don't sell refills for any of the inserts other than the calendar and plain /ruled paper. This was very disappointing for me as the organiser was not cheap and so I expect to be able to use the full functionality - memo / projects etc. Aspinal enquiries have never responded to my requests to purchase these refills.

    On the bright side I have found the supplier of the inserts and you can buy all sections (all sizes) directly from them at a fraction of Aspinal's price


    Aspinal of London - beautiful products, terrible customer service.

    1. I know what you mean. It came with so many inserts that it is disappointing that some of those inserts aren't available to buy separately. I actually found that site when searching for Eurotime inserts too :-) However, I don't think I could make the week on two pages work for me as the spaces for Saturday and Sunday just isn't big enough at all! x