14 Jan 2013

a review of the aspinal of london inserts (sold on their site)

Though not technically Aspinal of London inserts, they are sold on their website.

I googled the company that makes these and they are an Italian company (which makes sense, as in my previous post, you can clearly see that the tabs are in Italian when you turn them over). These inserts fit perfectly into a Filofax personal-sized organiser too.

These are what the squared paper inserts look like when blank:

And I tried out various pens on them (I forgot to try fountain pens on them!):

And a closer look, in better lighting:

Overleaf, you can see that there is quite a bit of show-through for the majority of pens! The Pentel Energel (just about), Pilot Frixion, Muji Erasable, and Pilot Hi-Tec pens were all fine but the rest were not so good. 

And a closer look:

The paper quality really isn't that good. I never thought I would say this but the Filofax refills are actually of a higher quality if you compare them to the cotton cream refills and if you compare them with the white refills, I think they are on a par. And my Muji gels rarely show through on any paper so I was surprised when there was a little bit of that in this case. As a result of this, I don't think you'd have anymore luck with fountain pens and this paper.

All in all, stick to the Filofax cotton cream refills if you have to use ivory coloured paper, or just buy your own ivory A4 paper and cut it down to size (what I do).

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