22 Jan 2013

my week round-up #3

Another week, another collection of diary weeks to have a look at :)

{1} DIY Sara
{2} Coffee and Literature
{3} Lazy Elizabeth
{4} Imogen Rose Beauty
{5} The Amazing Experiment
{6} Red Lips and Pearls
{7} Skye Pennant
{8} The Wonderful Life of Alice
{9} Monica Luis Blog
{10} Lynzy's Whimseys
{11} Maizahn
{12} Filofaximile
{13} Rain by XOXO
{14} Pony Town
{15} Jasmine
{16} Katie Louise Halsall
{17} Message from Zara
{18} The Nest Not Exactly Empty
{19} The Journal Keeper
{20} DIY Sara
{21} Puddytat Purr
{22} My Purpley Life
{23} Live Love Organize

And this week's winner.... *drum roll*.....

Credit: The Amazing Experiment

Danielle of The Amazing Experiment :)
There were a few that stood out for me this week :) all were colourful or creative in some way but Danielle's was my favourite because of the awesome number of to-dos she conquered in one week (holy...... come do my to-do lists for me?) but still managed to add some colour!


  1. I love the My Week Round Ups! Thank you for doing them. :)

  2. Hey, I've just posted my week, but I think it will be easier if it goes into next week. My posts will mostly be near the end of the week, so if they go into the following week's round-up then I will be on time for your post (instead of late, haha) Does that make sense? :P Take care x

    1. Not a problem :-) I'm using something called Protopage to monitor the blogs taking part and it actually didn't alert me to your Filofax week post! I think it only shows the two most recent 'posts' on your tumblr which is the problem. Will have to tweak it somehow :-) x