29 Jan 2013

my week round-up #4

Another week, another load of weeks for you all to perve over :-)

You can still join in! I've been a bit lazy and still haven't updated the page where I've listed the participants so far, but there's always room for more blogs to join!

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{2} Friday I'm in Love
{3} Atomik Sophia
{4} Lady Elizabeth
{5} Miss Mai's Adventures
{6} Skye Pennant
{7} Filofaximile
{8} Absharinaaa
{9} The Nest Not Exactly Empty
{10} Message From Zara
{11} Cider With Sophie
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{13} Monica Luis
{14} Red Lips 'n' Pearls
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{16} Rain by XOXO
{17} Lynzy's Whimsies
{18} Behind My Purpley Life
{19} Deligted
{20} DIY Sara
{21} Puddytat Purr
{22} The Wonderful Life of Alice

And my favourite from this week's selection is... (it was a close call between a few again!)...

Credit: Skye Pennant

Skye from Even Artichokes Have Hearts!

I love the simple colour coding and the overall simplicity. And the handwriting, omg! Other notable mentions are Carla and Jennifer :-) It was hard to choose but the simplicity of Skye's was something I couldn't stop staring at this week!


  1. Holy Handwriting! So neat! <3

    1. Oh and my week is up now! :) <3

    2. I've added yours to next week as my Protopage caught it this afternoon :-) Hope that's ok! x

  2. ah thank you lovely :) i can't believe you think my handwriting is neat?! i guess i just don't think about it! x

    1. Your handwriting is lovely! So pretty and I love how loopy it is x

  3. You missed me off :( The rest are great though!

    1. Added! You must have posted too often for my Protopage to have caught it ;) x

    2. Sorry! There have been a lot of posts, but it came out Sun :) Thanks!

    3. No problem! I've altered the system so if this happens again, it shouldn't be a problem :) x

  4. Thanks for the mention Angela! Looks like I wasn't the only sick person. Something's in the air!

    1. I know, I hope I won't be the next one as I've got a busy two weeks coming up :S Glad you feel better too btw! x