5 Feb 2013

my week round-up #5

Unfortunately, I'm without internet from today until Thursday, so the weeks included here are the ones I found before the evening of yesterday. Sorry if I've missed you out but I will include you on next week's due to these 'technical problems' :)

It isn't too late to take part either! Click here for full details and for the badge :-)

Also, some of these weeks may be of week 4, but that just means more for you to look at this week :)

{1} Katie Louise Halsall
{2} Planning with Printed Portal
{3} Jasmine
{4} Imogen Rose Beauty
{5} Well Planned Life
{6} Sunset Over Ocean
{7} Atomik Sophia
{8} Behind My Purpley Life
{9} Practical and Pretty
{10} Red Lips 'n' Pearls
{11} Lady Elizabeth
{12} Skye Pennant
{13} The Wonderful Life of Alice
{14} Live Love Organize
{15} Miss Mai's Adventures
{16} Absharinaaa
{17} Filofaximile
{18} Pony Town
{19} Deligted
{20} The Nest Not Exactly Empty
{21} Rain by XOXO
{22} Imy's World

And this week's favourite is....

Credit: Absharinaaa

I love how it is filled with handwriting (I do love the look of a busy week!), but also the use of colour. I especially love the washi/paper tape on the 1st. Although only one strip of washi/paper tape has been used, it does look great combined with the highlighter colours used. Moreover, I think that these are Kikki. K inserts and I have lusted after these for the past two years so that was another thing that swayed my pick, only ever so slightly though!

I just love looking at all of the weeks posted and it is lovely to see everyone channeling their creativity in different ways. Though, the best bit is definitely seeing how everyone uses their planners to organise their life.

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