19 Feb 2013

my week round-up #7

Another week, another round-up :-) Also, if you want to join, click here for more information and to grab a button :-)

{1} The Nest Not Exactly Empty
{2} Imogen Rose Beauty
{3} Well Planned Life
{4} Seraphic Wing
{5} Planning With Printed Portal
{6} Bake, Write and Live Life
{7} Atomik Sophia <-- no need to apologise! :-)
{8} Skye Pennant
{9} Practical and Pretty
{10} Miss Mai's Adventures
{11} Red Lips 'n' Pearls
{12} Pony Town <-- love this one - it's so neat, I'm jealous!
{13} Behind My Purpley Life
{14} Absharinaaa <-- congrats on your seven year anniversary!
{15} Imy's World <-- love the stickers in the first picture!
{16} Rain by XOXO
{17} Katie Louise Halsall
{18} This Little Life of Mine
{19} Seraphic Wing
{20} The Wonderful Life of Alice
{21} Filofaximile
{22} Sunset Over Ocean
{23} DIY Sara
{24} Yay For Fridays
{25} Lady Elizabeth's Unreal Life

And my favourite from this week's selection is...

Credit: Well Planned Life

This week, I found myself marvelling at the simplicity of these pages from Well Planned Life (I feel old now as I remember the days when the blog was actually called Life Well Planned :-) ). I love the use of the layout - the to-dos on the right and the actual scheduling on the left. It looks nice (minimal colour) and is also functional


  1. Yay! Thank you! Ah yes, the original name of the blog. I have to say that I liked the old name better but it wasn't worth keeping if it were to ever be a problem with the company of the same name (probably not, but you never know).

    This happened to be a light day -- some days there is more color and much more writing.

    1. Ah, I didn't realise it was because a company had that name too! I love the way you've used the times of the day to show what you're doing during those hours. I never thought to use a simple drawn line like that - it makes me want to use DPP! x

  2. thanks for including me, angela!

    1. It's no problem. Thank you for taking part :-) x