1 Apr 2013

it's that time again: my march review

Although it is April Fool's Day today, I assure you that this post is no joke!

This month, my happiness mini-project was to work hard but also ask for help if I needed it.

For my first goal, I decided to start revising some stuff from my degree and also learn some anatomy in preparation for September. I want as much of a head start as I can get and what better time to start learning than now? No time like the present, as they say.

The second part of my goal was achieved when I had to ask my mum for help with some anatomy I was learning. There are a lot of weird names given to bones and whatnot and so, her help has been invaluable. Next month, the goal is to have more energy and to exercise more. The main aims are to sleep earlier and wake earlier, and also to do twenty minutes of exercise a day (even if it is just walking).

Anyway, here is the second half of this post where I review some essential items from the month of March. I have tried to choose new and different items each month and this is why, sometimes, these posts can be quite random (but that's why I still do them - a bit of randomness is good)!

1) Duck Door Stop

The doors in this house are very heavy and self-closing and having a cute door-stop can be a nice touch to an item that can be quite boring and bog-standard like these door stoppers. This one was actually from Sainsbury's, though I have seen some cute chicken ones in my local TK Maxx.

2) A Warm Scarf!

I alternated between two scarves (well, one is technically a snood) but this is the one scarf I keep coming back to, time and time again when the weather is mild. My sister got it in Spain when she was there for a brief holiday (random place to buy a scarf, I know) and it is literally my neck warmer of choice. It is super long, so can be wrapped around twice with ease, and it has a cute pattern to it too.

3) Compression Leggings and Other Base Layer Clothing!

Right picture credit: Under Armour, left picture taken by myself.
I started netball again at the end of February and with outdoor training sessions every other week, I knew I needed to crack out the compression and base layer gear I had. These Under Armour Compression leggings came in super handy, and the awesome thing about them is that they are long enough for me! Sometimes, I have trouble finding leggings long enough but these are perfect in length. In fact, they would be fine on someone a bit taller than me too!

Not only do they fit well, they have kept me warm on cold nights and long gone are the days where I end up peeling off a sweaty layer after a training session as these leggings claim to keep you warm and dry - and I'm not arguing with this claim! I used to wear normal high-street leggings but after wearing these... well, never again! They are just awesome.

NB: I paid for these leggings myself and this is just an honest review from a very happy customer.

How was March for you?


  1. The door stop is so cute!
    Those leggings are very tempting... I run a lot and due to the fantastic British weather, am usually freezing cold!
    Elle xxx

    1. I know, I love my doorstop hehe :) my sister came home and saw it and wanted one too! I don't think they are sold anymore though, as the last time I checked, there were none on the shelves.

      These leggings are a godsend! Our boiler broke yesterday and we can't get someone in to fix it until tomorrow (emergency call out fees are something we are trying to avoid, and our shower is powered by electricity) so I'm literally in these leggings today. Honestly the warmest leggings ever, and their baselayer stuff is pretty good too. I have one of their base layer tops on as well and I'm not shivering at all! Definitely would recommend Under Armour :) x

    2. Aww I'm sorry about your heating!! I have just come back to a freezing cold flat - the joys of student living! Hopefully it will get fixed soon :)
      Did you buy it online? I've never seen Under Armour in stores. xx

    3. Hehe, yeah this lack of heating reminds me of when I was at university :) Luckily, I'll be living at home during medschool so hopefully I won't have to go back to the days where I had to scrimp with heating! Getting it fixed today (if the gas person turns up, which I hope he does!).

      I did buy my Under Armour online - at the moment, M&M Direct have quite good prices but beware, sometimes they have things listed on there and then when it comes to the dispatch email, it turns out they're not in stock. The first time, I bought something only to be told there was none in stock (after I got the dispatch email) and then the second time, I noticed that the same item was still showing on the website so I tested it out and 'bought' it again only to get the same email. So they are quite bad with regards to showing what stock they have!

      I know that Under Armour is sold in Sports Direct and probably other sports specialist stores too, but I'm guessing the price will be higher xxx