2 Apr 2013

my week round-up #13

After a bank holiday weekend where the clocks went forward an hour, I present to you another my week round-up! (Mine is here for those interested :-) )

{1} Mzelle's World
{2} The Nest Not Exactly Empty
{3} Leesh
{4} Planning With Printed Portal
{5} Live Love Organize
{6} Puddytat Purr
{7} The Wonderful Life of Alice
{8} Behind My Purpley Life
{9} Miss Mai's Adventures
{10} Bake Write and Live Life
{11} Nerd-Zilla
{12} Star Gardener
{13} Me and My Crazy Obsessions
{14} Red Lips 'n' Pearls
{15} She's Eclectic
{16} Mzelle's World
{17} Deligted
{18} Even Artichokes Have Hearts
{19} DIY Sara
{20} Rain by XOXO
{21} Friday, I'm in Love
{22} This Little Life of Mine
{23} Femme Musings
{24} The Simple Life
{25} Sunset Over Ocean
{26} Katie Louise Halsall

From this week onwards, there will be no 'favourite' chosen as it's always really hard to choose and with so many blogs participating now, it would take too much time to select a favourite! Quite often, I have five or six tabs open (each week!) to try and decide on a favourite after whittling the blogs down to that number and quite honestly, every single week posted is beautiful in their own right. I can see there is minimalism, colour, stickers and that a lot of creativity goes into each and every week and so, to me, you're all winners :)

However, I remember promising potential 'prizes' in the future and that is still a possibility. I've already noted that in my diary so sit tight for that announcement!

Want to join in? Click the button below for more info :)

NB: Inclusion on my weekly round-ups do not mean that I endorse any of the products or services sold by readers in the list and I do not get commission from any sales that may be the result of a click-through.


  1. These posts are definitely my guilty pleasure... love them!!
    Elle xxx
    PS I've nominated you for a blogger award :D you can see the post here http://thefairytaleland.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/a-blogger-award-or-three.html xxx

    1. Aw thank you! Will take a look now hehe :) x