3 Jun 2013

my may review

happiness project

May was a month where my goals (as inspired by Gretchin Rubin's book) were to:
- find more fun
- go off the path
- take time to be silly
- start a collection

I'm not sure how May went to be quite honest. I guess I've been more adventurous with my food this month (I made my own pad thai - something I've only ever ordered in restaurants) so I guess it has been a semi-success? Starting a collection was something I wrote off as soon as I saw it, because I am trying to be more minimalistic. Being silly and finding fun is something I'm pretty sure I do on a daily basis anyway!

Onto June where my goal is to 'lighten up'. The two things I will be aiming for are: to take time for projects and be a house of happy memories. I'm planning on inviting friends round for Chinese hot pot sometime this month and in terms of projects, well, I guess I will have to think of something! :)

essentials and highlights

From now on, these monthly reviews will not only feature essentials, I have decided to include the highlights of the month too :)

First off, a look at my May monthly planner:

Graze Breakfast Box

This month, Graze had a promotion going on for a free breakfast box. It would be rude to say no, right?  I decided to try each and everyone of the fruity ones they had at the time and the only two I would recommend are: apple and cinnamon and the blueberry and lingonberry ones. The other two were just too sour. Graze boxes are quite expensive though, so I don't think I will be re-ordering this one.

Other Food Highlights: Busuba Eathai and IKEA Meatballs!

Thai food is one type of food I could happily live off for the rest of my life (the other being Korean) and so when my friend and I were in Stratford and found Busaba Eathai, we knew that it would have to be that lunch's chosen restaurant. I've talked more about it in another blog post last week if you're interested :)

On the flipside, one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to food are meatballs from IKEA. My sister came home for the day last week and where else could we go but IKEA? We shared a large plate of meatballs plus gravy, chips and peas. And to finish it off? It just had to be the apple pie (I think it's called Applekaka or something - needless to say, it tasted better than the name its been given...!).

I know that these meatballs were caught up in the infamous horsemeat scandal a few months' back but for some reason, that news story never really bothered me (please don't judge me for saying that!).

My May pretty much revolved around food (did I mention that I made my own pad thai for the first time as well? I'm so proud of that!). I'm hoping June doesn't have the same food theme, otherwise these reviews might get a bit repetitive!

How was your May? Now is a good time to review any organisation disasters that may have occurred and rectify them in the month of June :)


  1. Those Graze boxes look cool! Such a neat idea, but quite pricy. ♥

    1. Yeah, they are a good concept but I agree with you - the price point is too high:) x

  2. Ooh - IKEA meatballs... yum!!!

    1. It's tempting to buy one of those frozen packs they do in the food section but I think that may be IKEA meatball overkill! x