5 Jun 2013

what's in my (sports!) bag

For netball, I tend to alternate between two bags - a massive, old Nike gym bag if I'm at a tournament or want to carry extra layers in case of unpredictable weather; or my old and trusty Longchamp Le Pliage for training sessions and times when I need to carry less.

In this post, I will be showing what I carried in my Longchamp Le Pliage bag when I was at netball training earlier this week.

The bag (an oldie; I've had it for almost four years' now I think?):

And what I carried in it:

From top left, clockwise: house keys, pocket tissues, glasses (with a contact lens case inside), water, towel, Lucozade tablets, phone, sunglasses, purse, Garnier handcream, car keys and my medicines and plasters bag.
Quite often, I carry two bottles of water but for the purpose of this post, I've left out the second one. I always carry a can of deodorant too as I dislike the thought of being smelly!
If I'm going out on a non-sport related outing, I add in a mini atomiser of perfume, my Smythson planner and maybe some nibbles.

What do you carry in your sports or gym bag?


  1. Love the bag! So versatile :) x


    1. It is! In the past, I have used it as a uni bag and a groceries bag as it's so light when empty. Even when you stuff it to the gills, it won't become too heavy due to the lightweight material of the bag :) And it's lasted me for ages too. I'm considering getting another one when this one breaks but I don't anticipate that to happen for a while x