2 Aug 2013

july review

Happiness Project

July was all about buying some happiness with the four goals being:

- indulge in a modest splurge
- spend out
- buy needful things
- give something up.

This month, I bought myself a new pair of running shoes to replace an old pair and I also bought a shirt from the ASOS sale (and thus, breaking my 'no spend challenge'). Both were heavily discounted items from their respective sites and so I think that qualifies as a modest splurge and as needful things (the shirt maybe not so much though!).

Next month's goal is to contemplate the heavens and to keep a gratitude journal for a month.

Anyway, here is how my month-to-view looked (sorry about the quality of the picture!):


{ instagram }

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I have become quite obsessed with Instagram this month. I don't check it often but I do like using the filters to make some ordinary pictures look that bit prettier.

{ sports gear and car }

I've been working out a lot this month in a bid to gain a six-pack (well, the female version as opposed to the male version) and for this, my sports kit has been invaluable. Furthermore, netball has meant that I have been heavily reliant on the car and so that was another July essential.

{ kindle }

I've been quite attached to my Kindle this month. Sitting on trains and the tube can be quite boring so my Kindle has proved itself useful for passing some time that would otherwise be tedious. As a result, I have managed to get through the first five Harry Potter books in two weeks (yes, really) and a further three books in the other two weeks. A month ago, I was a little bit behind on my '52 books in 52 weeks' challenge but this sudden surge in reading has meant I am now two weeks' ahead!

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