18 Sept 2013

styling my kate spade agenda

Another pictorial post where I try and make up an outfit to match my Kate Spade agenda. I have done my Smythson one and also my Deco, so this one is the last in this series.

Like with the amethyst Deco, red is also another colour you won't really see in my wardrobe but this did not deter me. The Kate Spade agenda screams 'business' to me so I tried to make an outfit fit for any boardroom.

A bog standard cream blouse from Zara and a rust-coloured pencil shirt from NW3 by Hobbs is the result. Rust is as close to red as you will get and I think a blouse tucked into a high-waisted skirt wouldn't look out of a place in a business setting.

My Smythson outfit still remains my favourite :)


  1. Love the colour of that skirt!

  2. Hi Angela!

    I love your "style my xx planner"! How would you style say a Malden?

    1. Ahh the Malden is trickier as I'm not a big fan of it. I'd end up being really biased and styling it in an ugly fashion haha, sorry! x