9 Feb 2014

my week #95

I can't believe we are already six weeks into 2014! Time flies, eh? This week's weather was horrendous - I haven't seen so much rain since I was in Hong Kong during monsoon season in 2007. Aside from that, my workload was just as horrendous but somehow, I managed to get all of this week's work done by Friday so that I could go to a friend's for some Star Wars Risk. Yes, really. 

If you hadn't already noticed, I'd been colour coding the events of my week but I don't really think this serves any purpose because I forget what each of the colours refer to. Maybe I'm using too many colours? However, I do like how colourful they make my pages look so I'll keep it up for the time being.

How has your week been?


  1. I'm new to your blog, so please forgive me if you've answered this before - do you try to schedule exercise in with all your lectures, work, household stuff? I am relying more and more on my planner to keep me on task and keep my life organized, and I'm still sort of finding ways to keep myself on track, fitness-wise.

    1. Hi Kelly, I don't usually schedule in exercise (aside from any sports teams I've committed to) as I prefer to exercise as and when I have/need a break from studying. Sorry I'm not of more help! x

  2. I have tried the color coding thing too. I am not sure that it keeps me better organized, but it is always better to see things multi-colored!