6 Feb 2014

stationery heaven... in Hong Kong

My mum always said that if you can't find it in Hong Kong, you'll probably not be able to find it anywhere. This is how I knew that I'd be able to find some stationery that were designed with people like me in mind. I bought a lot of stationery whilst in Hong Kong so this is the first post of a few on some items I had bought.

You've already seen the stickers I had bought whilst in HK but prepare to see some mega cuteness in this blog post.

For those of you interested, Hong Kong has a lot of independent stationery stores dotted all over the place. In my local area, there were four (and it's only a large village/small town) but if you look in side streets, you'll often find one or two due to the rent costing less (usually!). These stores are cheaper than major department stores and they sell a lot of notebooks, pens and all other kinds of stationery. The stores are usually look quite small on the outside but inside, there can be a treasure trove of items.

Anyway, first up, the following stapler. How cute will it look on my shelf?!

These note tabs: ideal for highlighting things in my diary pages or for bookmarking things in textbooks/my revision notes.

Of course, I took a trip to one of my favourite stores: Muji.

I picked up these pens as I like how well the ink flows but also, because the pen has a hinged clip.

There were also these Rilakkuma note tabs and some re-positionable ones in pastel and neon colours:

Some biros and double ended highlighters (similar to the Muji ones but for a fraction of the price):

They were $10 for five (less than £1!):

And here is how they look on paper:

The biros have fine nibs (just how I like my biro nibs):

Next up, some cute multi-pens and a memo pad:

I also picked up this cute tipp-ex roller:

And also some mini ones which will be perfect for me to take to uni on a daily basis due to their small size and insignificant weight:

Although I could have bought a lot, lot more; I limited myself to these things (and a few more you will be introduced to in another blog post or two). Hong Kong is an amazing haven for stationery lovers but that alone isn't enough for me to want to live there. The city has changed so much since my last visit four years ago, and not for the better either. It has become a lot busier and ruder (people were rude before but I am quite appalled by some of the behaviour I witnessed or was subject to).

Anyway, this is all the stationery I will share for now. I know this post is more of a show, than a tell, but I hope you enjoyed it all the same.


  1. <3 they are so cute....I love the Rilakkuma stapler and the highlighters,
    I never seen that re-positionable tabs, but they seem great and usefull

  2. Oh my all of these are amazing! Wish they sold more of this kind of stationary here in the UK, it's even harder to get hold of online =( Definitely love the note tabs, they come in so handy for diary pages! xoxo

  3. If I ever visited Hong Kong, I think I'd need another suitcase just for stationery... Everything is so cute!

  4. Love your haul of stationery. Asian bookshops have the cutest stuff :)