27 Mar 2014

my desk - studying edition

I'm thinking that this could be a new series on this blog where I post my desk in different scenarios. To kick it off, I have my desk during a revision period where everything is in chaos. There are two pictures in this blog post: one of my desk from the night before (it was what I woke up to) and then a picture of the desk, primed for revision after a bit of tidying.

So, from the night before, you can clearly see that it is seriously messy and not in the right state for some hardcore revision.

However, after a bit of tidying (putting things back into their usual place, and just some general TLC), you can see that it looks a bit more ordered and serene. On my desk, there is water (never underestimate the importance of keeping hydrated during study periods), pens, paper and my notes. Other things of note are textbooks and pocket books that are useful for practice questions or to look things up.

I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures - they are horrendous and I am hoping to invest in a better camera in the summer after selling some stuff on eBay!


  1. I actually just spetn 5 hours cleaning my desk after reading your entire blog. Five hours very well spent! Now I feel more focused studying for my MCAT (the American GAMSAT I suppose). Thanks!

  2. I love how neat and functional your desk is - I've seen so many bloggers desks that are so pretty and decorative that I just don't know how they can work on them!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  3. very very cute, i think a macbook is a must have after all... wouldnt expect my desk to look this cute with a toshiba on :/
    love the post, keep it up!

  4. WALL-E!

    Your desk looks great. I usually prefer to have my desk as neat as possible too during studying (: