20 Mar 2014

review: Pilot Coleto special edition

Last year, I blogged about the three-barreled Pilot Coleto and when I was in Hong Kong, I found the special edition Coleto sets. I decided to splash out for one, more specifically, the green one with black polka dots. 

I love the mint green barrel of this pen...

And I also like how the refills come in a cute case:

The case is only a few millimetres in width and so wouldn't add much bulk to a pencil case if you were to carry the refills around with you.

With the pen only having four barrels, choosing which four to pop into the pen will be hard.

Upon further inspection, I realised that the bit that stuck out on the top of the refills was in a shape of a jewel...

But if I had taken a closer look at the packaging, I would have realised that there was a jewel design earlier...

And the obligatory pen test - all refills are 0.4mm:

I do find the 0.4mm nibs a bit scratchy and I have found that the refills run out of ink really quickly. The refills aren't cheap (compared to other gel pens) but I do like the practicality of a multi-pen where you can choose which colours to have in it. For that reason, I will stick with this Pilot Coleto for now until I find a better alternative (the Pentel Slicci is on my 'to try' list and could be a decent alternative to the Coleto).


  1. How I love these pens :-))

  2. I love these! I prefer the way that these refills are stored than the normals ones. It's easier to take these with you, instead of the normal round container.

  3. Yay! I love these. I was able to find the barrel, along with the other special edition ones for under $5 on Amazon. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate this style of refills, thus the hunt continues!