19 Jun 2014

five underrated pens

Today, I thought I would share the pens that I use not so regularly but also not so rarely (I don't quite know how else to explain the frequency of use of the above pens). No Muji pens feature here (I think I gush about them a bit too much if I'm honest!).

1) Zebra Hyper Jell 0.5mm
I've actually mentioned this pen quite few times on the blog already but it's not really that well-known a pen when you compare it to other gels on the market (Pilot Coletos, Muji gels, Sakura, etc). Ink flow is brilliant and smooth, the line drawn isn't too thick nor too thin and it is so comfortable to hold.

2) Uniball Protech
Prior to my Christmas holiday in Hong Kong, I'd never heard of this pen. I came across it in a stationer's and thought I'd give it a go. Quite frankly, I'm a bit gutted that I only bought three of these pens! Ink flow is great and it makes my handwriting so neat.

3) Zebra Be pen
This pen is a needle-tip pen and would be ideal for illustrating or those who like to write with a ridiculously thin nib. I've yet to come across these in the UK yet and I just had to top up my supply of them when in Hong Kong. I don't think this pen will be everyone's cup of tea though, but for me, it's a majorly underrated pen.

4) Bic Crystal Biro
Ah, the stable and ever so reliable Bic biro. I rarely use biros and only resort to them during revision time (when I scribble, scribble and scribble in the hope that it will help things will go into my brain) but sometimes I am in a biro mood when in a lecture. Bic biros flow well and are great in an emergency tracheotomy apparently. As a medical student, of course I should have one of these to hand. You know, just in case?

5) Pentel Energel Needletip 0.5mm
Finally, another pen I have mentioned before on this blog. This pen is frequently seen in my diary pages but rarely seen in my essentials posts because I use Muji gels just as much and they are much prettier than the somewhat ugly barrel of Energels.

What pens do you think are under-rated?


  1. The Bic Crystal Biro is actually one of my favorite pens! I always end up hoarding them and get angry when someone else takes them. I love the way they write.

  2. The bic crystal biro is one of my all time favourites :)