26 Jun 2014

integrating blog planning into my daily planner

Having tried to use a separate blog planner alongside my usual daily planner, I have struggled to keep it up to date. As a result, I have tried to integrate my blog planning into my daily planner pages instead to try and stay organised in the 'blog' section of my life.

Every Sunday, I do a 'my week' post and to keep track of what number I am on, I write a number in the corner of my diary pages. I've not mis-numbered any yet and fingers crossed I won't in the future (not 100% guaranteed I'm afraid!).

Each week, I try and plan to have at least one or two posts go live (usually one midweek). Sometimes, I need to make sure this goes as scheduled by writing in the blog post I intend to write for that week and usually, they are written as a 'to-do' with a check box. I try and ensure these are written in at least a week in advance so that I can avoid that dreaded 'blogger's block'. So far so good!

Finally, at the back, if I get an idea for a blog post, I add it to a list at the back of my binder. For obvious reasons, I've blurred out the ideas. So far, I've found that this list has just grown and I've barely checked any off (there's more on the other side - some of which have been ticked off) so I need to get on this list and start crossing things off. After all, how satisfying is it to see a list all checked off?!

During busier weeks, I sometimes struggle to find time to blog, but I am usually aware of when these busier periods are. As a result, I try and write two or three blog posts in one go and schedule them so that blogging doesn't feel like a chore. For me, doing things this way keeps me interested in blogging. because it enables me to blog as and when I am in the mood for it (and sometimes, I'll write two or three posts in one go!).

Do you see blogging as a significant part of your life? If so, how do you organise your time so that you blog on a regular basis?


  1. I tried to have a separate blog planner but I neglected it as well. I just opted for one planner and keep everything in there. I like to think blogging as a significant part of my life so I try to carry my planner everywhere so I can jot down ideas then plug it into the note section on my phone if I have a lot to say. I tend to do a lot of my writing at night then take my photos the day before/of the post goes live.

  2. I have a list for blog post ideas, but because I don't have internet access at home and now I've finished college, I won't be able to get online and post much :( So it will be hard to keep updating.


  3. Finding a way to stay accountable to blogging is such a good idea. During my busy times, my posting takes a hit. I like the idea of a check-off!

  4. I've just started up a blogging schedule and I'm seeing how that goes. I have a small section in my Filofax for my blog and I just have my schedule, lists for ideas and lists for books that I am reviewing. It's working so far!

  5. i love love love your blog and how organised you are, it just makes me so inspired! <3
    one girl one book