17 Aug 2014

my week #122

It's just over a week now until I head back to uni for the start of three clinical years! Having now received my placement information (my hospital and speciality allocations), the butterflies that were fluttering around in my stomach have now been banished. The specialties I will be gaining clinical experience with are ones that I'm very happy with - I just hope they live up to my excitement!

On Monday, I decided to do some baking and so I delved into my kitchen cupboards to see what ingredients I had. Based on what I found, I made cheesecake brownies and I ended up being a bit too generous with the dark chocolate. The end result was a slightly bitter brownie that had a sweet kick from the cheesecake mixture.  

How has your week been?


  1. That brownie looks so yummy!

  2. Hi Angela! (I hope you don't mind I cal you Angela ��) I'm new here on blogger, I just started with my blog a few days ago, but I've been following your post for a long time now, because when I saw that you were a med student who liked stationary and organization, you got me completely hooked! I'm a med student too, just about to enter my second year, and it's so interesting to see how different our degrees are (I'm not form England, but from Spain)!!! I wanted to thank you for all the amazing and fun things you do here, and for giving me so many ideas and resources <3 And doesn't that brownie look artful?? I'm sure it was delicious! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ♡♡♡