4 Nov 2014

introducing the iconic: seize the day planner (a mini 'review'!)

Did you know ASOS do stationery? No, me neither. Being an ASOS Premier member and armed with a student discount, I knew that this could be a dangerous combination whenever I find myself on the ASOS website. Now, when I saw that they stock the Iconic Seize the Day planner, I instantly added it to my basket and checked out before I had the time to add anything else I didn't need to my basket. I've mentioned the Iconic brand before so I knew that I'd be letting myself in for a piece of stationery that is beautiful and minimalistic.

Because only the grey version was in stock, this was the one that ended up in my hands the day after the order was placed. 

The Iconic Seize the Day planner is spiral bound with a plastic, textured external cover. Inside, there are monthly planning pages:

There are a lot of weekly planning pages that have a margin on the left with the rest being paper that has a rectangle pattern to it. It's not quite square patterned paper but it still looks pretty neat.

Towards the back are some notes pages in a white geometric print adorning a pale pink background and right at the back is a sheet for personal information with a plastic pocket to the right of that. There is another plastic pocket at the front of the planner too.

Overall, I love this planner and I am now torn in my decision as to what planner to use for 2015! Having had my heart set on The Planner by Seeso, part of me also wants to give this one a whirl. I might have to be super patient and let this one wait in the wings until 2016 instead - I'm glad this one is undated!


  1. I would love to see what you are considering to use for 2015. I am already considering your idea of using LT 1917 or Moleskine notebooks for revision notes. As for overall daily planner or school planner, are you sticking to spiral bound and putting ring planners away?

  2. omg! thanks for sharing this, im going to check out ASOS now! :D